Have you had your website for a while now but aren’t seeing the results that you wanted? If this is the case for you then you may want to try and increase your organic CTR (click through rate). Over the years Google, along with other search engines have added features to their SERPs that will, effect the amount of traffic driven towards your site.

Lets Take A Look At What CTR Is…

Organic CTR is the percentage of people that click through to your website after seeing it SERPs after typing in their search criteria. A great way to increase your organic CTR is through Google Ads. Google Ads are a pay-per-click advertising program that Google have set up. These give you the opportunity to advertise your website at the top left hand side of their search results pages.

Why Do I Need To Be Improving CTR?

When you increase organic CTR you are also giving your SEO a boost as well. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, when people visit and revisit your site, it is portraying the idea to search engines that your site is more relevant to a users search criteria. Therefore, will get a boost from search engines. This is be increasing your sites visibility and credibility. The higher up you rank in search engines, the more likely your target demographic are going to trust your site over others. All search engines have been adding numerous features to their SERPs over the years. So, it is important that you are aware of how to keep your sites in the top rankings. View our micro-blogs that are based on all the possible factors effecting SEO.

There is an old joke that states ‘if you want to hide a dead body, the best place to do it is the second page of Google’. This is basically saying that there are very few users that click past the first page of search results and it’s in your business’ best interest to push CTR and SEO.

Top Tips

Underneath, we have listed some tips to help you get noticed which will potentially increase your CTR.

  • Keep Your Title Short!

    This is so important if you are wanting to capture your audience’s attention. We have found out, from recent surveys that people now have the shortest attention span recorded to date. People want to be able to see straight away that your site is relevant to their search. Instead of having the title ‘Instructions On How To Make A Christmas Cake’ try using a shorter title like ‘Make Your Own Christmas Cake’. It is all about choosing the right words.

  • Do Your Research!

    For example, if you are about to post an article but are unsure of a title, use your resources.You will want to find the right title that is appropriate and effective. What better way than to ask the people you are trying to attract? Depending on the type of business that you are in, you will probably have social media accounts with clients that follow. Put out a poll and with some options and ask them which one they are most likely to respond to. This way you are using the best of your marketing materials.

  • Speed Up Your Speed! 

    Put yourself in your customers shoes. If you have to wait and wait for a site to load, the odds are that you will give up and look somewhere else. As previously mentioned, people now have the shortest attention span ever. The last thing you are going to want is to lose customers to your competitors. By improving your sites speed you are providing the best user experience you possibly can. This will ensure that your clients are staying on your website and increasing you CTR.

  • Effective Meta Descriptions!

    The meta description is what gives users a bit more of an insight in to what your website is all about. You will want to make this as enticing as you possibly can to get them to click on your website over your clients.

Click through rates can have a lot to offer you including, a potential boost in sales, conversions and SEO, providing you use them to the best of your advantage. Remember that they can’t do all the work, you will have to make sure your content is just as interesting so that they continue to read.

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